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The Best Company In The Gas Material Industry


GnG Gas Tech Co., Ltd is a specialized industrial gas material manufacturer and supplier founded in 1988. Ever since its establishment our company has been committed to supply and manufacture premium quality gas materials ≪Supplying underground and above-ground plumbing to deliver LP & LN gas and all kinds of products using LP & LN gas (gas range, gas boiler, gas stove, gas burner, gas safety products, home wares, kitchen wares, industrial products) to more than 450 companies throughout Korea such as in Daejeon city (main office), South and North Chungcheong province, Gyeonggi-do and Jeonlla province.≫ With the mission of providing customer-oriented premium services, our goal is to meet our customers’ expectations through innovation; technical excellence and continuous improvement of our technology with a challenging mind-set that will lead our company become a successful and renowned gas material company. GnG Gas Tech wishes you everlasting prosperity in your business endeavor.


Our vision is to keep providing best quality products leveraging on the accumulated know-how and competitive advantage acquired over the past by manufacturing and supplying added value products to support our overseas customers located in China, Russia, South East Asia, Middle East and Latin America.


☞ Gas materials supplier and manufacturing specialist :
1) Any type of underground and above-ground plumbing materials using LP and LN gas.
2) Any type of products dealing with LP, LN gas such as gas range, gas boiler, gas stove,

gas burner, gas equipment for homes, restaurants, and other related industries.

☞ Manufacturing and developing of eco-friendly and low carbon products.
★ GnG Gas Tech Co., Ltd dedicates all its efforts to become the most admired gas company in Korea based upon quality and reliability. ★